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Software that makes liveops easy.

Meet UserWise - The most flexible liveops platform for studios who want to build offers. manage seasonal events. personalize content. segment players. increase retention. A/B test. operate their game. retain players. schedule liveops.

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The best liveops software you’ll ever use

Works with any game. Infinitely flexible. Hosted on your server.

Plan and prepare your releases.

Trade in your spreadsheets for a calendar designed exclusively for liveops campaigns. Choose when your content goes live and plan ahead using a calendar that puts you in control.

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Reach exactly the right players.

Create hyper-personalized experiences by segmenting players with shared traits. Then send personalized content that your players care about.

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Boost your overall speed.

Easily build events, battle passes, offers, messages, push notifications and more in just a few clicks.

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Built for enterprise scale. UserWise puts you in total control.

Self host

Enjoy the power of UserWise while keeping your sensitive information secure.

Work faster

Accelerate your release speed with streamlined tools that put you in control.

Unlimited flexibility

Frameworks connect your games unique events, offers, and other unique features.

Works with any game

Any game. Any platform. UserWise is compatible across all gaming platforms.

Personalization first

Personalization is key to growth and UserWise was built with personalization at its core.

Developer friendly

Easy-to-use APIs and documentation for quick integration.

Why studios choose UserWise

  • Work faster with tools that put you in charge

    Choose from a variety of prebuilt components such as events, offers, messages, and more.

  • Operate with speed and flexibility.

    Set yourself free. One centralized platform for every stage of the player journey.

  • You don't need to be a developer.

    Powered by an easy to use interface that puts you in control. No need to bring a developer in to help.

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Features you should know about

Trade in your spreadsheets for a calendar designed for liveops.

Boost your team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity with a commanding view of your campaigns.

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Test your campaigns before you go live.

Use environments to test out the configuration for errors and test it against the development builds of your game.

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Create hyper-personalized experiences by segmenting players with shared traits.

Save segment lists that will auto update as new players meet saved criteria.

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Squash bugs faster and never go live with errors again.

All the tools you need to submit bug tickets and assign testing environments to your team.

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Our frameworks give you infinite flexibility and customization.

Frameworks are the building blocks to make customizable events, messages, offers, and more.

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“Simply the fastest tool on the market to run your games liveops.”

Javier Barnes, F2P Game Specialist

“This is the liveops platform our team has been looking for.”

Justin Beck, CEO PerBlue

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