You know what your users do. We help you understand why.

To provide you with actionable insights to boost player happiness, retention and payer conversion.

“We are always trying to understand why users behave the way they do. Any data that can help us improve IAP or retention is a game changer.”

Justin Beck, CEO at PerBlue

Gain insights to keep them playing longer.

Empower your team with powerful player insights. Understand what features your players love and which can be improved on to keep them playing longer.


Optimize the right offer to the right player.

Automate rewarded surveys that collect feedback in real-time across all your player segments and live offers. This helps you find the moment each user is most likely to purchase.


Measure player sentiment with every update.

Ensure every update includes the right features to maximize player happiness and engagement. Get notified of any change in a segment’s attitude through every stage of the game