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All of your liveops. All in one place.

UserWise is a new liveops platform that gives you the power to operate your mobile game liveops all-in-one place.

The world's first player experience management platform and liveops tool.
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Welcome to a reimagined way to retain your players, and keep them coming back.

Take a look. 👀

So, here's the problem

Your players need fresh,
made-for-them content.

Today we’re in the most hands-on, personal era of gaming there’s ever been.

The era where players expect new events, fresh offers, and new made-for-them content. Games used to be a product purchased on the shelf, anticipated on the drive home, and completed over days, weeks, or even months.

But not anymore.

If you’re not constantly working to engage your players in this way — then you’re losing them to the games that are.

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There are no good solutions that allow studios to deliver fresh, personalized experiences to their players.

Until now.

It's time for a change.

Build campaigns. Deliver offers. Target players.
All with a few clicks.

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Build your campaigns in blazing fast speeds

Schedule offers and events for a specific day and time in a few easy steps.


Take command of your liveops calendar

See what campaigns are currently running, what’s coming next, and identify missed opportunities.


Deliver personalized experiences to players

Create personalized experiences by segmenting players who need the right offers or events at the right times.

Campaign Builder LiveOps tool
LiveOps Calendar Platform
Segmenting Mobile Game Players LiveOps

I mean, why not?

UserWise is open to early access. It's free to use and we'll help you get everything set up.

Userwise is the player experience management platform I’ve been looking for - our teams use it both to launch new games as well as manage existing ones.”

Justin Beck, PerBlue

Justin Beck and UserWise

Push your game beyond its current limitations

What if you could...

Create, schedule, and launch messages, offers, and more to your players in just a few clicks.

Change event variables and test different player segments in real-time.

Take command of your entire liveops - all in one place.

Hi there 👋

96% of your players will be gone in 30 days.


That’s the average churn rate these days for mobile games.

So, while it’s easier than ever to find players to download your game, it’s become harder than ever to keep them around.

But why is that? Well, if you’re not constantly working to engage your players through new events, new offers, and new made-for-them content — then you’re already losing them to the games that are.

We’re in the most hands-on, personal era of gaming there’s ever been. The era where games have the power to excite, engage, and sustain players on an individual level for years.

But for some reason, delivering these kind of experiences is hard.

That’s why we built UserWise.

UserWise is the world’s first player experience management platform that allows you to easily update events, build offers, target the right players, and measure the results.

So if you’re currently trying to master liveops or just starting to dip your toes into this magical art form, we have the tools and knowledge to help you get there.

We want to help you retain your players and skyrocket your LTV. We’d love for you to give UserWise a try (you can do it free) and see the difference we can make.


Reliability comes standard.

We promise to provide the quality of support and care you deserve.

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