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The UserWise Manifesto

Our Pledge To You, The Game Creator

There is no doubt games of changed over the years. Games used to be a product purchased on the shelf, anticipated on the drive home, and completed over days, weeks, or even months.

But not anymore.

Today, in 2021, we’re in the most hands-on, personal era of gaming there’s ever been. The era where games have the power to excite, engage, and sustain players on an individual level for years.

And if you’re not constantly working to engage your players through new events, new offers, and new made-for-them content -- then you’re already losing them to the games that are.

There are almost two million games available to play.

Millions of other stories. Millions of other characters. Infinite opportunities for your players to find richer experiences.

We know that wanting to deliver these rich experiences and being able to embrace this technology are two different things.

We know that implementation is its own battlefield, and there are many forces at work to keep you from embracing it -- time, cost, and complexity to name a few. We know the building and rebuilding of tools that slow down game development and require constant time. 

We believe our industry deserves something better.

A new future.

A future where events can be planned with the drag of a mouse. Where hundreds of variations of offers can be sent to different player segments with just a few clicks. Where audiences can be filtered, targeted, and analyzed -- with zero effort required.

That future we speak of? It’s here.

It’s called UserWise. And its single purpose is to help extend the life of your games.

But beyond the tools we are building, our team has a few promises we'd like to make to you. Having a great product is great, but having a team behind the product who truly cares about you and your success. That's what's truly important.

We promise to make you faster.

Every feature, ability, and dashboard built with efficiency in mind. We make it easy for you to design events, implement custom offers, and analyze metrics faster than you ever thought possible. Because we know you’re busy, and we value your time as much as you do.

We promise to keep you organized.

Everything you need, all in one place. No more single-use tools, no more keeping track of who has access to what. We put seamless productivity first, so you can do what you do, find what you need, and manage it all -- now and in the future -- in peace. 

We promise to provide value.

Fancy tools mean nothing if they don’t lead to results. Which is why we designed our platform around results. No needless extras, no hidden fees -- we give you what you need to create successful games. And nothing else.

Look - the power of liveops is extraordinary.

But with the way things currently are -- the complex processes, the time and money required -- it’s nowhere near fully tapped. We’re offering you a way to tap it.

Stun your players. Strengthen your games. And keep your players playing longer.

With UserWise in your corner, you can do it all. And that’s exactly why we built it: to make liveops accessible.

To make it accessible. To make it approachable. To make it something you love to do. We created UserWise to put the power of the future in your hands.

It’s our answer to today’s era of games. And we would love for you to join us.

Welcome to a new, reimagined way to retain players.

Welcome to UserWise.